Simple maintenance and cleaning tips for your Yuto Knives.

By appropriately cleaning and keeping up with your kitchen blades you will expand their life span. This is the reason it is fundamental to completely wash the sharp edge of every kitchen blade after setting up a dish or quickly following a dinner. There are distinctive cleaning methods for various sorts of steel blades. The accompanying article gives a few hints to cleaning your blades effectively and proficiently.


Kitchen blade cleaning

A tempered steel cutting edge can be washed with heated water and dish soap or some other gentle soap. Be mindful not to use harsh soap. Do not leave your knife to dry in the air, but dry it with a cotton cloth.

NEVER clean your knife with a dishwasher, this will void your warranty.

Tip: Use a sharpening tool now and then, to keep your knife as sharp as you received it :).


Care tips for kitchen knives.

White vinegar

White vinegar is extremely effective for maintaining your Yuto knife blades!

White vinegar has excellent cleansing properties. You probably didn't know, but you can also use it to clean your kitchen knives. Cleaning with heated white vinegar will make the knife more efficient. Just rub the blade with an in white vinegar-soaked rag and dry it with a clean cloth!



Did you know you can clean your knife with a potato? The starch in the potato makes the steel more resistant to rust. And it's also a great, natural way to clean the blade of your knife. Just cut a potato down the middle and rub it on the blade. Afterward, rinse your Yuto knife and dry it with a clean cloth.



Lemon is the best solution to removing black spots that appear on blades after long usage. If you want to clean your knife with lemon. Then let the blade rest for a few seconds in a mixture of lemon juice and water (1:5 lemon to water). After that rinse your knife and dry it with a soft piece of cloth. Repeat the process if needed.



Do you want to make your Yuto Knife shine like when you received it? Clean it with a cork! Make a cork wet with water, then immerse the cork with ashes. Rub the blade with the cork and make your Yuto Knife shine like when it came out of the box!