All Yuto Knives products are backed with our lifetime guarantee.


Yuto is build to last.

Yuto knives are made out of high-quality materials with a unique production process, to create products that are built to last. 
 Yuto stands behind every item that we create.  Yuto creates knives you will enjoy using your entire life.


All Yuto Products Are Backed By:

The lifetime guarantee

 Yuto Knives purchased from are fully warranted against defects in materials and manufacturing. If one of our knives break at any time due to a material or manufacturing mistake, we will replace or repair your product for free.
This warranty does not cover any repairs due to improper care, abnormal usage or normal wear and tear.This means your knife has to be properly taken care of and maintained by our advice. Learn more about maintenance here.


What does “Lifetime of the Product” mean?

Products covered under our warranty program are fully warranted for your entire lifetime.