General Terms and Conditions of GT Ecom BV

General Terms and Conditions
1.1 These general terms and conditions of sale apply to all sales contracts concluded by as a seller of design furniture and various consumer goods (hereinafter: "GT Ecom BV") and are an integral part of these contracts.

1.2GT Ecom BV does not accept any general terms and conditions of the customer (hereinafter: "Customer"), unless and insofar as one or more conditions have been accepted in writing byGT Ecom BV.

1.3 IfGT Ecom BV's order confirmation contains terms and conditions that differ from these general terms and conditions, the term inGT Ecom BV's order confirmation shall prevail.

2.1 All offers and quotations fromGT Ecom BV are subject to change and are valid until 30 days after the date of creation.

2.2 All (online) sales byGT Ecom BV are confirmed byGT Ecom BV in writing (by email, digital confirmation or by mail) and finally approved and confirmed by a digitally confirmed purchase agreement.

2.3 The acceptance of the order byGT Ecom BV by the customer is also considered to have taken place if the customer has requested the execution of the order.

2.4 Any (order) confirmation(s) by the customer that deviate fromGT Ecom BV's order confirmation are only binding forGT Ecom BV ifGT Ecom BV has accepted these deviations in writing.

Price and terms of payment
3.1 The price inGT Ecom BV's order confirmation is fixed and inclusive of 21% Dutch VAT.

3.2 All taxes and duties of any kind now or in the future imposed by any governmental authority, whether federal, state or local, either directly or indirectly on the sale or transportation of the goods in question, shall be paid and borne by Customer.

3.3GT Ecom BV is entitled to increase the price retroactively if the factors determining the cost price have been subject to an increase. These factors include: Production costs, raw materials and supplies, energy, products or materials thatGT Ecom BV purchases from third parties, taxes, duties, government fees, freight costs and insurance premiums.GT Ecom BV will inform the customer of any such increase.

3.4 Offsetting or withholding of payments by the customer is not permitted unlessGT Ecom BV has confirmed in writing that offsetting or withholding of payments by the customer is permitted.

3.5 The customer is considered to be in default without a reminder or notice of default if the customer fails to make due payments. Default interest may be charged at an annual rate of 12%.

3.6 In all cases,GT Ecom BV remains the owner of the goods without any restriction until the moment the customer has fulfilled all obligations and the payment(s) has been received in full byGT Ecom BV.

3.7 Upon completion, additional storage fees of 1% of the total invoice price per week (with a minimum of EUR 50 per week) will be charged for storage of the goods if the outstanding invoice amount has not been paid in full and shipping arrangements have not been made within ten business days from the date of receipt of the products fromGT Ecom BV. The 1% fee will increase each week until the outstanding invoice is paid in full and shipping arrangements have been made.

3.8GT Ecom BV is entitled to require advance payment of at least 100% for the online sale of the goods.

3.9 There are guarantees with the goods fromGT Ecom BV for a period of twelve months after the customer has purchased the goods. If problems occur,GT Ecom BV reserves the right to decide whether replacement or repair is most appropriate. IfGT Ecom BV decides to provide additional specific warranties for certain goods, this will be made clear on the order form.GT Ecom BV's warranties expressly do not apply to:

(1) water damage toGT Ecom BV's goods ;

(2) Damage as a result of repairs by third parties withoutGT Ecom BV's consent ;

(3) adjustments to the goods ofGT Ecom BV ;

(4) unlawful maintenance ofGT Ecom BV's goods ;

(5) ifGT Ecom BV's goods have been used for purposes other than those intended byGT Ecom BV;

(6) extensive use ofGT Ecom BV's goods outdoors or in the rain.

Delivery and delays
4.1GT Ecom BV is entitled to make partial deliveries of the order. Each partial delivery may be considered a separate contract. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the goods fit through doors, windows and/or the elevator. Prices exclude delivery by a postal service. The delivery time depends on the situation.

4.2GT Ecom BV is exempt from the agreed delivery dates and deadlines to the extent and as long as circumstances arise that significantly complicate the performance. All difficulties, regardless of their nature, sphere and segment of the supply chain in which they occur, such as force majeure and acts of God (eg flooding, ice, crop failure, etc.), export and import restrictions