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Ergonomic Design

The handles consist of high quality oak wood. This is a hard wood with a characteristic dark texture, creating a perfect grip. A true extension of yourself without hands cramping.

Non-adhesive sheet

The structure of the knife ensures that nothing sticks when cutting. The texture make sure that air relieves the meat, fish, vegetable or fruit. So you are able to cut super fast.

Ultra Sharp blade

Some knives are sharp, but thin and breakable. This blade can cut through anything without losing its strength. It's design is robust and strong and won't break easily.

Unique Shape

A perfectly balanced knife for ultimate comfort with an extra grip point. The hole in the blade is not only super unique but also provides extra grip while cutting.

Santoku Yoku [1+1 FREE]

Yuto Knives

Santoku Yoku [1+1 FREE]

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